What does the coaching process look like?

Once we have completed your blueprint session we will discuss if you could benefit from on-going coaching. I have a variety of coaching packages based on what we want to accomplish during our time together. Read on to get an idea of what skills you will walk away with after each program.


blueprint - 2 hour standalone session

The blueprint session is the jumping-off point for every other program I have, during this session I will:

  • Teach you my money philosophy, and how it can simplify your budget

  • Review your personal numbers to find quick improvements we can make

  • Give you the tools and know how you need to craft a budget that works!


cornerstone - 1 month

During the cornerstone program, we meet once a week. When you have completed you will:

  • Have a clear picture of your full financial situation

  • Have a strategy in place to manage your money

  • Be able to forecast your budget into the future

  • Replace stress with confidence and clarity

foundation - 4 months

During the foundation program, you will learn everything included in the cornerstone program, plus:

  • Be clear enough on your money situation to challenge yourself in areas that you can improve

  • Align your money management with your overall goals, values and vision for your life

  • Have your budget dialed in like a fine tuned machine

  • Have knowledge of your credit score and how to improve it


framework - 7 months

During the framework program, you will learn everything included in the cornerstone and foundation programs, plus:

  • Know how to calculate your Net Worth and how it fits into your overall money picture

  • Understand the impact that relationships have on money, and how to creatively work through financial differences

  • Think or stress very little about money in between paychecks

  • Use your money to design your dream life