Abundance Financial Coaching


Get ready to take control of your finances.

Amber Pietrangelo, Owner/Coach

Abundance Financial Coaching is all about helping you zero in on your financial goals and dreams, and giving you a path to achieving them. There is so much information out there that can help you whip your finances in to shape, but it can all be so overwhelming. I’m here to help you figure out what to focus on, what to do first, and what will or won’t work for your unique life. Ready to start living in abundance? Schedule a free consultation with me, I can’t wait to help!


Our Programs

Every client starts with the same step: a Blueprint Session. From there, we can move on to a coaching package if it’s what will work best for your situation. Click below to check out what you’ll gain from our coaching programs.

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Why Coaching?

Sometimes you need a little help navigating all the information that’s out there. Getting financially fit is very similar to getting physically fit. Most people know the basics, but have a hard time knowing what exactly will work for them. I’m here to customize a plan just for you that can help you identify and reach your personal financial goals. I will also be there to cheer you on and hold you accountable when things get tough.


My Coaching Practice

My business was born out of a deep desire to improve the world around me. I have seen so many people struggle with their finances, knowing that if they could just see their money clearly, their life would be so different. Check out my personal story.


“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.”

— Napoleon Hill